Roosting on the Road

Thing 1: Oh good. A roost. This seems like the perfect time to write another blog post. Thing 2: Blog post? Wait, we write blog posts? Thing 1: Well, I write them. You sit there and make snide comments. Thing 2: It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. *Thing 2 turns all […]

Geek Marathon 26.forever

Thing 1: Wake up! Wake up! Thing 2: But my everything hurts. Mrrrrr. Thing 1: Ah such is the life of a reviewer. The audience wants their… info. Thing 2: All right. I’m awake. I’m awake. Thing 1: So that’s why the marshmallows aren’t melting. Thing 2: Wait, what are we talking about again. Thing […]

Frostbitten Food

Thing 2: Are we going to talk about our journey back to the ice ages? Thing 1: I’ve still been thawing out. One might have thought our expedition in search of something to review would have warmed the hide, but unfortunately the new Chipotle location in Lehi left much heat to be desired. Thing 2: […]

Book Review: Blood Ties

Thing 1: The audience is back again. What do they want? Thing 2: Uhh the book review? Duh. Thing 1: There was another book review? Why didn’t you warn me? Thing 2: Because you would have gone on and on and on about authors sitting in front of their screens and dark rooms. Thing 1: […]

Book review: The Worker Prince

Thing 2: Hey got another book review in. Thing 1: Oh? Which book this time? Thing 2: The Worker Prince by Bryan Thomas Schmidt. That’s a really long name. Thing 1: I’ve seen longer. Thing 2: Well yeah, but. Thing 1: But we should let this circus move along? Thing 2: Okay. I got nothing. […]

book review: Oshenerth

Thing 1: Time for another book review! This week the book is Oshenerth by Alan Dean Foster. Thing 2: Where do all these books keep coming from? Thing 1: Authors chained in dark rooms with only the glow of the monitor. Thing 2: This explains why they are all so pale. Thing 1: Yes… though […]

Book Review: Lincoln’s Wizard

Thing 1: Hello visitors! How about a book review on Lincoln’s Wizard by Dan Willis? Thing 2: Lincoln had a wizard? I missed this in the history books. Thing 1: You’ve read history books? Thing 2: Back to the book review. (glowers) Thing 1: Don’t worry. We’re not the one’s reviewing the books ourselves. We’ve […]

Event Review: Robots of Unusual Sizes

Thing 2: Thing 1! We’ve got to do the review. Put down that polish! Thing 1: I wouldn’t have to polish so much if you quit spilling your ashes on my stuff. Thing 2: Whine, whine. Thing 1: Watch it or I’ll start your cycle again. (watches Thing 2 suspiciously). The other day we headed […]