Geek Marathon 26.forever

Thing 1: Wake up! Wake up!

Thing 2: But my everything hurts. Mrrrrr.

Thing 1: Ah such is the life of a reviewer. The audience wants their… info.

Thing 2: All right. I’m awake. I’m awake.

Thing 1: So that’s why the marshmallows aren’t melting.

Thing 2: Wait, what are we talking about again.

Thing 1: Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2017! You know the place we were at all weekend?

Thing 2: Yeah, but I’m a tired bird. Because I was at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX all weekend. *in a more menicing voice* with you.

Thing 1: Pish posh–

Thing 2: Are you still stuck in a Brittish accent?

Thing 1: Hey, I wasn’t finished. Pish posh. You know you had a good time.

Thing 2: I had a great time. Hence the I’m so freaking tired I don’t want to be awake.

Thing 1: That’s sweet. On to the review!

Thing 2: Scale head.

Thing 1: Don’t start that again.

Thing 2: We arrived at the Salt Palace around noon on Thurs…Friday. Sorry, this year’s event was shorter than last years. I’m getting my years mixed up.

Thing 1: The change in number of days did make the whole thing feel a bit off.

Thing 2: True, true. The nice part of this was getting there between noon and one and being in line only a few minutes to pick up our passes.

Thing 1: Ah yes, the line. Next time I’ll have to not relay on a feather brain to get the passes in time for them to be mailed.

Thing 2: Wait a second. Not my fault! Not my fault! Jerk.

Thing 1: *clears their throat* Leaving that point aside, you have to admit that–

Thing 2: I don’t have to admit anything. Haven’t you read the Bill of Rights.

Thing 1: *sighs heavily* The mailing passes out feature is nice.

Thing 2: Yes, yes, it is.

Thing 1: HA! You admitted it!

Thing 2: I admit to nothing.

Thing 1: I have it in writing.

Thing 2: You’re doing the writing.

Thing 1: And you’re approving it.

Thing 2: Anyway, the great thing about Salt Lake Comic Con FanX is running into people you know. Which we did in line. And 20 feet in the door. And another 20 feet after that. It’s a little like a family reunion.

Thing 1: A family reunion where you don’t mind the crazy because you’re all the same kind of crazy. All gathered (or shoved) together into one place. Most of which seems to be the Vendor Room floor.

Thing 2: The vendor floor was good this year. I forgot to buy that game.

Thing 1: That game? There were many games. Specifics!

Thing 2: The one I actually liked. Actually, there were a lot of games I liked this year. It’s great to see the amount of variety that even a smaller event, like FanX, can bring. The other thing that was really different this year was the variety of art.

Thing 1: So much art. So little time. Or wear left on my souls… soles? You have infected me with tiredness!

Thing 2: Muha. Might be a little of both. From amateur to pro there was a lot of variety in the art. If I’d had the cash we would have had a lot fuller walls.

Thing 1: And people think I horde.

Thing 2: Yes, yes. You and your treasure. Gold might buy the food, but art fills the souls. Not the ones on your feet. A piece of advice to artists. Make your cards look like your art! There’s so much there without a visual reminder, business cards don’t tell me which art was yours.

Thing 1: While keeping your brain sorted was your least favorite part, my least favorite part of the floor remained again, tragically. That floor is too hard for walking!

Thing 2: Especially two days of walking.

Thing 1: Agreed. That’s not Fanx’s fault though.

Thing 2: No, but a little more casual seating would be appreciated. Something that is usually better at the larger Comic Con.

Thing 1: Yes, who wants to eat their meals sitting (or even worse standing) on that floor.

Thing 2: And apparently, levitation is out.

Thing 1: Ah, the short-sighted fools. Although… that floor is crowded enough. I don’t think the skies need to be as well.

Thing 2: Can you just imagine people falling our heads when they forget to levitate. Some of those costumes would be deadly.

Thing 1: It gives a whole new meaning to the term bringing the hammer down.

Thing 2: By the way, I like the mass grouping of Spidermans and Deadpools.

Thing 1: Get a group together with a theme and they all go bonkers. Amusing to watch.

Thing 2: And if you can wear the Spiderman suit, more power to you dudes… and girls… ladies… I don’t know what is appropriate there.

Thing 1: *glances at Thing 2* Moving right along then! You know what didn’t move right along?

Thing 2: The VIP line at the signings?

Thing 1: Yes. Whose idea was it to put through 2 general admission for every 1 VIP? That just seems… backwards.

Thing 2: I agree. I watched a guy who was at end of the general line get through before the middle of the VIP line even got close. Not sure what happened there, but the staff was really nice.

Thing 1: Definitely. Even though it was late in the day, and they looked as beat as I felt, they just kept smiling and being wonderful.

Thing 2: Yep, might just need a bit more training on the VIP lines.

Thing 1: At least they got a kid’s game right in the Kids Con. Did you see the magnificent dragon eggs?

Thing 2: Yes. I liked the human snitch. She was freaking awesome. I also liked they had some of the authors and artists for kid’s books in the Kid’s Con this year. Hopefully they keep improving the Kid’s Con. They took a big step up from last Septembers.

Thing 1: Can’t complain about the Kid’s Con’s door guardian either.

Thing 2: Yes, yes. The fire breathing dragon. Of course you liked the fire breathing dragon. It was pretty cool. The only thing I found a bit difficult was walking through the autograph area to get to Kid’s Con.

Thing 1: What genius thought trying to herd kids through lines of adults who are busy adoring stars instead of watching out for wee ones was a good idea?

Thing 2: Yeah, the floor plan was a little weird this year, and if Stan Lee had been there, where he was supposed to be, it would have been almost impossible to get kids to the Kid’s Con.

Thing 1: No joke! Don’t need kids being trampled getting to their space.

Thing 2: Although, we did get to meet Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Thing 1: Yep, and you practically molted from the excitement.

Thing 2: Hey, she’s a fabulous writer. And a lot shorter than I thought she would be. Somebody who writes books that kick butt should be taller.

Thing 1: Ah tragic. The authors don’t get to pick their height. Maybe we should get one of the geeks there on inventing something for that.

Thing 2: Anyway, all in all it was a fairly fabulous weekend.

Thing 1: And tuckering. Can I be done typing yet?

Thing 2: Yeah. See you in September!

Thing 1: Great now you’re lively. *saves the marshmallows*

Thing 2: Hey, we also survived the weekend with the cannibals.

Thing 1: I thought we let that joke die.

Thing 2: Who said it was a joke? *says suspiciously* Northern counties of Utah.

Thing 1: I’m too tired for this.

Thing 2: Don’t forget the disclaimer!

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