Event Review: Roasted Ginger, Chiming Unicorns, and Wicked Tinkers

Thing 2: Hey, you’re finally home. We have a review to do!

Thing 1: I would have been back sooner, but I had construction to dodge, downpours, thunderstorms, and mortals to contend with.

Thing 2: Hmm. Mortals.

Thing 1: Yes, they always think they’re so brilliant.

Bagpipe BandThing 2: Kind of like the Scottish Festivals held at Thanksgiving Point and Payson. Whose bright idea was it to have the festivals celebrating, red headed, fair skinned people during the hottest months of the year? Gives new meaning to the term roasted ginger.

Thing 1: Mmmm. Roasted ginger. (Gets a faraway look)

Thing 2: Get your mind out of the medieval times.

Thing 1: What? I don’t know what you’re accusing me of.

Thing 2: mmhmm

Thing 1: If it’s not one thing with you, it’s another. Like your disdain for the lack of adequate shaded seating.

Thing 2: If I say it once, I say it twice. We live in a desert. Provide shade.

Thing 1: They did provide shade for all the vendors. There were lovely tents rippling in the breezes.

Thing 2: Too true. With lots of really cool stuff. I liked the leather work.

Thing 1: I couldn’t find fault with it, except my coin purse was too empty to afford it.

Thing 2: (nods sadly) That is true. It didn’t stop you from buying a halo of flowers though. Irony not lost in this situation.

Thing 1: We weren’t speaking of that. (glowers)

Thing 2: Also the jewelry was amazing.

Dragon Decoration for Sale at festivelThing 1: There were some very talented craftsman selling quality pieces and those with excellent deals. Now if I can just get my purchase to work.

Thing 2: Your time turner wasn’t working?

Thing 1: I haven’t traveled through time yet.

Thing 2: I think you’ve read too much Harry Potter. It’s warped your brain.

Thing 1: Speaking of warps, are we talking about north or south right now.

Thing 2: North. You know, where the cannibals are.

Thing 1: (sighs dramatically) Don’t start that again. You already made me give up roasted ginger.

Thing 2: Hey, you can only run out of so many towns. How about funnel cakes instead?

Thing 1: (ponders) They were tasty.

Thing 2: Everything there pretty much smelled amazing.

Thing 1: The food area did have the shade you’re always wishing for.

Thing 2: We did miss most of the games though.

Thing 1: True, I suppose that’s what we get for seeking refuge from the heat and returning as the shadows lengthened.

Thing 2: Yes Snoopy. Great with the writing there. Are you going to include it was a dark and stormy night?

Thing 1: Unlike some flighty individuals, those time periods put me in a certain frame of mind.

Thing 2: I guess the length of the shadows mattered to those who were around before clocks. We did once again enjoy the food at the pavilion. That was a massive amount of fries.

Thing 1: It was bigger than your head.

Thing 2: It was bigger than your head! That takes some doing.

Thing 1: The company was good (looks at Thing 2 menacingly) and led us to one of the best parts of the day.

Thing 2: Oh yes, they did.

Thing 1: Wicked Tinkers!

Thing 2: Oh wicked indeed, and our company at the pavilion was right. They were a really fun band to watch.

Thing 1: Yes, and we found a great spot with an unobstructed view to observe from.

Thing 2: Boys in kilts.

Thing 1: (looks at Thing 2 dubiously)

Thing 2: Cute boys playing . . . that thing what is it called?

Thing 1: The didgeridoos?

Thing 2: How is anyone supposed to remember that? They did know how to work a crowd and I’m glad we stayed to see them. Because if we hadn’t, we would have missed the unicorn. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a unicorn. Especially one whose horn lights up.

Thing 1: I never connected unicorns and the pied piper before. But she certainly had fun leading those children away in dance.

Thing 2: I know. Not to mention ringing bells. Where were the bells?

Thing 1: Taking the place of horseshoes?

(both shrugs)

Thing 2: All in all, the Thanksgiving Point one was a fun if a little bit pricey night.

Thing 1: Agreed. But the price was better for the Payson one.

Thing 2: That’s true. Much more shade.

Thing 1: And a glorious breeze.

Thing 2: And a pond.Pond at Payson

Thing 1: And playgrounds for the kiddies.

Thing 2: That’s true. Somehow the Payson one felt much more. Hmm, I’m not sure what the word is. Informal?

Thing 1: I might go with . . . personable?

Thing 2: Maybe that was it. We did see a lot of the same vendors.

Thing 1: Lots of genealogy again.

Thing 2: It is the perfect place if you’re from Scotland to figure out where you’re from. But if you know you’re from Scotland don’t you already know where you’re from? Now I’m just confused.

Thing 1: That’s different from normal how?

Thing 2: Some of us are not as old as time.

Thing 1: More’s the pity.

Thing 2: Anyway, we didn’t really do food at the second one. Was that because the lines were too long?

Thing 1: Who could tell? They squished all the food vendors together.

Thing 2: True. But the little girls that did the dance contest were really cute.

Thing 1: Had to make up for the lack of Wicked Tinkers somehow. I wonder if that’s why they charged so much at Thanksgiving point. To bring in the bands. Overall, I’d say both were fun in their own way.

Thing 2: Don’t forget the sunscreen .
Scottish Santas


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