Book Review: Blood Ties

Thing 1: The audience is back again. What do they want?

Thing 2: Uhh the book review? Duh.

Thing 1: There was another book review? Why didn’t you warn me?

Thing 2: Because you would have gone on and on and on about authors sitting in front of their screens and dark rooms.

Thing 1: How nice. You took that role for me instead.

Thing 2: Anyway, On to Blood Ties by…

Thing 1: You forgot the author didn’t you?

Thing 2: Yes, be right back. (goes away to find notes) Quincy J. Allen!

Thing 1: And this is why we don’t leave you in charge of the details.

Thing 2: What do you mean? I do all the details!

Thing 1: That would be the problem with our trips. To the review!


Blood Ties was an easy read. The story was funny and quirky. At first, I wasn’t sure what “steampunk” was but caught on by the second chapter. The inventions really stretched my imagination. I did have trouble visualizing the fighting machines that the characters were using in the last battle. I liked the use of the zeppelins and artificial body parts.  The characters were well developed and their interactions kept me riveted. A great read for a snowy day.

-SibScript Reviewer, Nurse and Artist


Thing 2: Does that mean you can only read it on a snowy day?

Thing 1: Yes, which means you’ll never read it. You avoid snow.

Thing 2: That’s not true. I think. I even left the house yesterday.

Thing 1: When it wasn’t snowing.

Thing 2: Yeah, yeah. Everyone’s a critic. Especially Thing 1.

Thing 1: Umm… we are critics together. Good news. I just conducted a survey and the results say it doesn’t have to be a snowy day to read it.

Thing 2: Well that’s good. Wait, who did you survey?

Thing 1: Me, myself, and I.

Thing 2: Um yeah. That’s a fair survey. (eye roll)

Thing 1: Fairer than your brain. Anyway, that’s the review! Enjoy this book in any weather.

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