Roosting on the Road

Thing 1: Oh good. A roost. This seems like the perfect time to write another blog post. Thing 2: Blog post? Wait, we write blog posts? Thing 1: Well, I write them. You sit there and make snide comments. Thing 2: It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. *Thing 2 turns all […]

Geek Marathon 26.forever

Thing 1: Wake up! Wake up! Thing 2: But my everything hurts. Mrrrrr. Thing 1: Ah such is the life of a reviewer. The audience wants their… info. Thing 2: All right. I’m awake. I’m awake. Thing 1: So that’s why the marshmallows aren’t melting. Thing 2: Wait, what are we talking about again. Thing […]

Book Review: Blood Ties

Thing 1: The audience is back again. What do they want? Thing 2: Uhh the book review? Duh. Thing 1: There was another book review? Why didn’t you warn me? Thing 2: Because you would have gone on and on and on about authors sitting in front of their screens and dark rooms. Thing 1: […]

Event Review: Robots of Unusual Sizes

Thing 2: Thing 1! We’ve got to do the review. Put down that polish! Thing 1: I wouldn’t have to polish so much if you quit spilling your ashes on my stuff. Thing 2: Whine, whine. Thing 1: Watch it or I’ll start your cycle again. (watches Thing 2 suspiciously). The other day we headed […]