Book Review: Lincoln’s Wizard

Thing 1: Hello visitors! How about a book review on Lincoln’s Wizard by Dan Willis?

Thing 2: Lincoln had a wizard? I missed this in the history books.

Thing 1: You’ve read history books?

Thing 2: Back to the book review. (glowers)

Thing 1: Don’t worry. We’re not the one’s reviewing the books ourselves. We’ve brought in special vic… um volunteers for that. Let’s see what they had to say.


Typically I’m not enthused about alternate history stories, mostly because the device is often used to try to compensate for a weak plot. However, Lincoln’s Wizard doesn’t have that problem. The book has an engaging story line that draws you in and is a very enjoyable read. The military tactics are believable, the political intrigue surrounding Lincoln’s inner circle is realistic, and the personalities are well developed.

The addition of other common setting devices (zombies, steam punk, and robots to name a few) also don’t detract from the story, as I feared they would. The only quibble I have is that the story seems to be just hitting its stride when it ends. The book would be well served to either become a series, or if it were to be crammed into a single book to be heavily trimmed.

Lincoln’s Wizard is well written and very enjoyable read.

-SibScript Reviewer, Aerospace Engineer


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Thing 2: This a series! Course it ended on a cliff hanger.

Thing 1: Ummm, did we remember to tell the reviewer that?

Thing 2: Ahh crap.

Thing 1: Well clears up that complaint.

Thing 2: Anyway, the reviewer likes the book so read it already. If you like steampunk.


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