book review: Oshenerth

Thing 1: Time for another book review! This week the book is Oshenerth by Alan Dean Foster.

Thing 2: Where do all these books keep coming from?

Thing 1: Authors chained in dark rooms with only the glow of the monitor.

Thing 2: This explains why they are all so pale.

Thing 1: Yes… though I don’t think the visitors here for the review want to hear us go on about authors.

Thing 2: I didn’t know the aliens came back to the Earth. 80’s reference.

Thing 1: (blank stare) On to the review!


Oshenerth started out slow, but quickly caught my interest with the colorful, creative world of the Mersons and their civilization. Although the fish/Merson interactions were entertaining, a glossary of sea life would have helped. As the action picked up I was drawn in and wondered if it would ever be possible for Irina to get home or if the octopus shaman was wise enough to help her.

My curiosity was piqued by the change in the behavior of the hard shelled species who attacked the cities. There seemed to be an underlying message about the changes in the nature of the seas and how that was affecting the inhabitants: making them more aggressive and out of tune with nature. The seas seem to mirror the upper world of chaos and unrest. Surviving the attacks and without finding reasons for the attacks, the characters are left to go in search of deeper answers. I look forward to the next book as they try to find a cause of the problem.

– Sibscript Reviewer, Artist and Nurse


Thing 2: Artist and Nurse? That’s a weird profession.

Thing 1: Maybe they use art in healing? I hear it’s therapeutic.

Thing 2: Huh, I always thought paint had lead content.

Thing 1: They got rid of that decades ago… mostly.

Thing 2: Not in art paint.

Thing 1: Hence the mostly. Umm, are we contributing anything here or just rambling?

Thing 2: We’re teaching them about art paint.

Thing 1: In a book review?

Thing 2: They have art books. And this is fantasy. Fantasy art!

Thing 1: Okay, well we hope you enjoyed the review and will come back next time. Please. There will be less tangents… or not.


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