Event Review: Robots of Unusual Sizes

Thing 2: Thing 1! We’ve got to do the review. Put down that polish!

Thing 1: I wouldn’t have to polish so much if you quit spilling your ashes on my stuff.

Thing 2: Whine, whine.

Thing 1: Watch it or I’ll start your cycle again. (watches Thing 2 suspiciously). The other day we headed up north to the-

Thing 2: Where the cannibals are.

Thing 1: You and your conspiracy theories. I haven’t been eaten up there yet.

Thing 2: I still say you’re one of them.

Thing 1: Anyway, paranoid Thing 2 aside, we went to the Big Shiny Robot Nerd Swap Meet in Salt Lake City.

Thing 2: Sponsored by Salt Lake Comic Con! Although I didn’t see much of the Comic Con there.

Thing 1: They had a table near the building. Near the Air Conditioning.

Thing 2: Yeah I saw that.

Thing 1: Where did the clouds go when we needed them?

Thing 2: Yeah. It was extremely warm with very little shade.

Thing 1: That didn’t stop the crowd from coming though and completely filling up the parking lot. Which I was lucky enough to find a space in.

Thing 2: (snorts) By the puddle or the lake. However, you define it.

Thing 1: Hey, I dropped you by the gate. You only had to navigate it once.

Thing 2: It was still a lake.

Thing 1: True, but I navigated it well and didn’t get any water on my car.

Thing 2: The swap meet was really busy. Had some really cool stuff. Although every time I was interested in something someone else grabbed it. Including a hardback copy of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

Thing 1: Hey! At least it wasn’t me grabbing stuff this time. I did note, but didn’t pick up, the vintage Star Wars figures.

Thing 2: Those were pretty cool. I think those were right by the big shiny robot’s table.

Thing 1: True! Although there was no shiny robots at the table I saw regardless of size. This is a grievous oversight.

Thing 2: (laughs) I had fun in-spite of the heat. I do wish there would have been a little bit more variety.

Thing 1: It was slanted heavily toward Star Wars, Star Trek, or comic books.

Thing 2: Yeah, I mean, not that I don’t like all those things. I was just looking for a little bit more expansive nerd-dom.

Thing 1: (performs a Jedi mind trick) You are the wrong kind of fan.

Thing 2: Hey now, I have more comic books than most people.

Thing 1: Allegedly. I’ve never seen them.

Thing 2: Hello. They are in mint condition. You’ll never get to touch them.

Thing 1: Who said anything about touching? I mentioned sight.

Thing 2: Yes, but my collection is so pretty you’d want to touch them.

Thing 1: (aside to the audience) Well, Thing 2’s certainly humble.

Thing 2: (throws up her hands innocently) I have nothing else to say.

Thing 1: Not even about an overarching canopy?

Thing 2: Actually, that would have helped. It was really hot. But the swap meet was fun and I do recommend checking out the next one as this should be a twice yearly event.

Thing 1: I hope that doesn’t mean the next one’s in the middle of winter.

Thing 2: (shrugs)

Thing 1: I am not a robot. But I agree, keep a look out for when they hold the next one.

Thing 2: All your base are belong to us.


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