Roosting on the Road

Thing 1: Oh good. A roost. This seems like the perfect time to write another blog post.

Thing 2: Blog post? Wait, we write blog posts?

Thing 1: Well, I write them. You sit there and make snide comments.

Thing 2: It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

*Thing 2 turns all sorts of different colors and starts sprouting scales*

Thing 2: I can see you typing.

Thing 1: Yes, you can see me. But I’m in control.

Thing 2: Why are we posting again.

Thing 1: Because we decided to cast off the shackles of home and head out for a grand adventure in a land of sun and way too many cars.

Thing 2: I see.

Thing 1: I see? Wow, you’re tired tonight. Should we get on with telling everyone where we’re headed?

Thing 2: Yeah. *looks dejected* I’m off my game, man.

Thing 1: That’s okay. Travel can ruffle any featherbrain.

Thing 2: I travel perfectly fine.

Thing 1: Well, that convinces me. Convinces me we’re going to have a grand time at #wotf33.

Thing 2: It’s a good thing no one knows who we are.

Thing 1: Yes, we’ll blend right in. Especially since it’s black tie or even better medieval formal. We both know how to deal with that.

Thing 2: We do. What the heck is medieval formal?

Thing 1: Ah children.

Thing 2: Excuse me. I remember medieval there was no formal . . . there was just scratchy clothes.

Thing 1: *stares blankly at Thing 2*

Thing 2: What?

Thing 1: You have no sense of decorum.

Thing 2: Hey it’s better than you. No sense.

*Thing 2 turns into a worm.*

Thing 2: Hey, worms are cool. Didn’t you see labyrinth?

Thing 1: Shh. Anyway, on that note, be sure to check back this weekend for updates on all that is going on.

Thing 2: Are we done?

Thing 1: I leave you out in the sun to dry.

Thing 2: I’m not a tomato. Unless you’re talking about 1950s slang. Then I’m totally a tomato.

Thing 1: Worms get crispy. *looks menacing*

Thing 2: *snorts* Tries–

*This article has been cut off by the typist.*

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