Place Review: Gamer’s Inn, It’s a Magical Place

Thing 1: Today we’re reviewing Gamer’s Inn in Lehi, UT, the town was previously known as Skunkwater.

Thing 2: However, Gamer’s Inn did not smell like skunk, water, or even any gamer place I’ve ever been.

Thing 1: Very true. You never know what it is going to smell like when you step into one of those places.

Thing 2: No. Usually they are kind of musty. They always smell like someone’s attic or basement.

Thing 1: A point in their favor right in the door.

Thing 2: That’s true. It was really clean. I would actually go play there on a Saturday night. And I don’t even play games.

Thing 1: Oh, so that’s what the pile of games sitting in my car is for.

Thing 2: I haven’t gotten that far yet. But, yes, In fact I was so impressed with their game collection, I even bought games.

Thing 1: Sadly, none involved stabbing a pirate. I was impressed with their collection as well. They had a good variety of current games and also vintage games.

Thing 2: Their tables were all full too. I guess that’s not surprising for a Saturday night but. . .

Thing 1: There was one open table I sat at while you were perusing the games. The chairs were weird.

Thing 2: Surprisingly comfortable. Overall the feel of the building was a hunting lodge. Also, they have their discount program.

Thing 1: Not hard to join! Give them your name, phone number, and first born child and you’re in!

Thing 2: Wait a second. I did not sacrifice my first born child. I think you meant email.

Thing 1: Oh. That might have been it.

Thing 2: Can’t I take you anywhere?

Thing 1: Yes, you took me to the Gamer’s Inn.

Thing 2: Didn’t you drive?

Thing 1: Let’s not bicker and argue about who drove who.

Thing 2: You’re driving me crazy. (in a sing-song voice)

Thing 1: More than all the guys turning and staring when we walked in?

Thing 2: True. That was pretty much the only awkward part.

Thing 1: What do you expect from a group that contains lots of guys when strange things enter the door?

Thing 2: Overall, I recommend the Gamer’s Inn.

Thing 1: I give them extra points for the chainmail lanyard.

Thing 2: I like the chainmail draw sack actually. To sum it all up: it was clean. It didn’t smell weird. The game variety was wide, and I think it would be fun to do a gaming night there.

Thing 1: So we’re in agreement. It’s a great new, place worth stopping by.


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