What? That’s not enough? Fine.

In 2010, I was just getting started hooking myself into the writing community, and I stumbled across the Sci-Fi / Fantasy symposium Life, the Universe, and Everything. Imagine my shock when I realized that this three-day fest of awesomeness was nearing the end of its third decade, and that it had been active the WHOLE TIME I was at BYU. I know, right?

I live about 4 hours from Provo, Utah, but that didn’t stop me from contacting the symposium powers-that-be and offering to help. The unmatched Charlie Harmon responded to ask if I wanted to be on a panel, to which I had to sadly reply that I just wasn’t cool enough to be on panels… but I’d love to moderate, if they needed that sort of thing. 🙂

February 2010 was my first year at LTUE, and I was the ONLY panelist who didn’t have the credentials to be there. The let me moderate they real cool kids which was very, very awesome.

Also, that year, I played gopher, which was just as fun as you’d expect fetching water, flashing important-looking 5-minute signs, and having a built-in excuse to talk to your favorite authors to be. (Extremely fun.)

The following year, I did it again, and found myself invited to help plan the symposium for 2013. Specifically, I was on the writing track, in charge of the brand-new pitch sessions. So now I got to ORDER PEOPLE AROUND, as well as fetch water (when I wanted to).

This year, I’m back as Pitch Master AND Assistant to the brand-new Sibyls Scriptorium publication’s mastermind, also known as The Jenna (she who was such an awesome gopher back in the day, they named the gopher award after her).

And now you’re wondering what any of that has to do with short stories.

It doesn’t, much, but is illustrative of why I have no creative energy: LTUE 2014 starts tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

Oh, and one more thing: