Publication Details. Illustrators, pay attention!

We are excited to introduce the Aether Illustration Contest this year. LTUE has included science fiction and fantasy art in various forms (panels, presentations, and even art shows at times!) for as long as I can remember. We were long overdue having a contest for the artists in addition to the ones we have had for writers. We have read an amazing range of stories and poems over the years and with the introduction of the contest I cannot wait to see what new visions will unfold.

Another long overdue addition to the contests was made this year as well. I hope you have all heard by now that we are publishing the winners in a new publication called Sibyl’s Scriptorium!

During the summer we have worked to finalize publication arrangements. We have spoken with many publishers to find the best arrangement possible. Our goal is to create a quality publication for our entrant while keeping the cost as low as possible for selling it. We have found one that should work well for both goals.

We will be offering two versions of the publication: eBook and print. The eBook edition will have full color for all illustrations submitted in color. However, the print edition will have all images and stories in black and white.

While this isn’t what we had hoped for with the print edition, it was a necessary step to keep the cost low. We hope in the future to be able to offer a color edition as well. Until then, we are dedicated to making every image look stunning as possible. We plan of showing them off in color as much as possible through a variety of media.

We wanted to make sure the artists, especially, knew about this up front. We want your color submissions. Color will look amazing in the eBook version and in other media. However, we know giving you this information now can also help artists make shading choices to help it look stunning whether in color or black and white.

I am still looking forward to the amazing illustrations waiting out there to be discovered in all of their hues. I cannot wait to share the best of them in the publication.

Good luck to all the of our contests entrants.